With winter sports coming to a close, student-athletes will turn their attention to spring sports. Some sports are already starting to practice, and others are ramping up. Staying focused on your season while disciplining your mind and body goes hand-in-hand.  

During your season, focus on staying healthy while still working hard. Maintain a diet full of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean sources of protein. Avoid drinking sugary sports drinks or sodas. Instead, drink water throughout the day and during your workouts and games. With the season upon you, try not to overload yourself with workouts.

Academics are a big part of the recruiting process as schools and coaches are looking at your grades, also. Schools can break up scholarships into partial-athletic and partial-academic scholarships to help bring more athletes into their programs. So, make sure while you are practicing and training for your spring season, you also take time to study and complete homework assignments.

Even while in your sports season, it is important to balance life and fun. Allow yourself time to do homework and enjoy school. Mental health is very important, so make sure to spend plenty of time with family, hang out with friends, see a movie, or just relax in order to maintain good mental health.  Don’t get overwhelmed/overworked with your sport and school! 

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