Psychology and science alike prove the countless advantages of a positive mindset in personal, relational, and career growth and success. However, having a teachable mind is just as significant in daily life. Positivity and being teachable go hand in hand in maintaining an attitude open to listening and learning well. This ability is proven to be extremely beneficial to students and especially student-athletes involved in all ranges of sports. Improving at your chosen sport by becoming teachable will lead to better future scholarships, colleges, career opportunities, and can be seen in your daily life.

Having a teachable heart and mind is about having a desire to learn and relearn things in order to become better. Learning to listen more than talk, accepting mistakes with maturity, asking thorough questions, and trying different approaches are all essential parts of becoming a teachable person. Applying this consistently to areas like school and sports, will change your life by opening doors that were closed before in all different kinds of ways.

Truly listening to a coach or even maybe another athlete, can have huge impacts in your life. You have to be able to go into a film study, practice, and/or a game and have the mindset of that you may hear some things you may not like, but how can I grow from this and how can I use these moments in life to grow.

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