Capturing Sports Video

Capturing Sports Video

Many teams, athletes, parents and coaches are using video to analyze play and create highlight videos for their teams and individual players. There are several options available to accomplish their goals—from shooting video with their handheld smartphone to hiring a video crew and everything in between. Brand names such as Veo®, Hudl® to HD video cameras on a tall or regular tripod, we’ve seen it all and believe they all have their place. We’ve shot thousands of hours of basketball footage and uploaded to a client’s Hudl account. We’ve live streamed games and uploaded to Facebook® or Dropbox®. Whatever your need is, there is a solution.

There are several questions you should ask yourself before committing to any one solution. Do you need the footage for just game review or will you want to create a professional highlight video for recruiting purposes? Will you (or someone that is a part of the team) be responsible and capable of shooting all of the video you need? Will the footage need to be uploaded to a service for later use? If the footage will be need to be uploaded, how soon will it need to be received for review? Some of the primary reasons we’re contacted by our clients is because they don’t have the time to shoot the video or they would prefer to watch their son or daughters game rather than trying to follow every play with a camera. Our professional videographers are able to capture the needed footage easily and efficiently. If you want to capture an entire season of game footage, it may be more appropriate to use a Veo or Hudl system, but you can still have us download that footage to create a highlight video. With technology solutions expanding almost daily, there are numerous options and solutions. We’re glad to partner with you to help you achieve your video goals.

Here at Recruit Reels, we can help you in creating a highlight video and/or skills video by filming your skills sessions or by using preexisting footage to make a highlight video. Whatever your sports video production needs are, we can provide professional efficient and affordable solutions.

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