College Campus Visits

Scheduling campus visits to all of your prospective schools is a very important step. Physically going to the University can change your mind about the school. Campus visits give you a chance to see the school and how it really operates. You will get to physically see the dorm rooms, cafeteria, library, classrooms, and sports facilities. We would strongly suggest that you ask to see the dorms that you will be living in and also ask to see the building that your major is located in. Campus visits can make or break that University on your list.

Before you schedule a visit to a University, make sure you have contacted the coach of your sport and let them now you are coming. You should find a time to visit in where the coaches will be available to speak. It is good to meet with the coaches and speak to them about your interest in the school and also their interest in you. Your campus visit will either be considers an official or unofficial visit. What does this mean? An unofficial visit is where the athlete pays their way to the school and takes place before their senior year. An official visit takes place during the athlete’s senior year and the school is allowed to pay for you to come visit.

Here at Recruit Reels we believe that you should visit several schools to make sure you are finding the best school that’s right for you.

For more information about campus visits, visit these websites: