With the NBA Finals coming to an end last night and the Cavaliers winning the championship we now turn our attention to the anticipation on who is going to be taken #1 in this years NBA Draft. The Philadelphia 76’ers hold the #1 pick and everyone has their opinion on who they should take. There are reports that they’ll take Ben Simmons from LSU, Brandon Ingram from Duke, or Buddy Hield from Oklahoma.  No matter who they take they are going to be making a young mans dreams come true.

All the young men in this year’s draft have put everything into getting into this position. They have worked their whole lives to get to this moment, to hear their names called on draft night. There will be some men who don’t hear their name, but that doesn’t mean your chance is over. With how big basketball is today you have the chance to be sign as an undrafted free agent, play in the D-League, and/or even play overseas. Playing at a professional level doesn’t end at draft night. If you have the passion, skill and heart to put more blood, sweat, and tears into making your dreams come true, anything is possible.

If anyone tries to tell you that your dreams wont come true because you weren’t drafted or that its going to be even harder to play in the NBA, don’t listen to them. What if Ben Wallace, Bruce Bowen, Avery Johnson, and Udonis Haslem would have listen to those naysayers? Between these 4 men the have a combine 7 NBA Championships, several league awards, and several individual team records. They didn’t stop just because they weren’t drafted they continued to fight hard and to come out and prove a lot of people wrong saying they weren’t worth being drafted and could never play in the NBA.

This year’s draft is full of talent and a lot of young men are going to have their dreams come true, but the fight doesn’t end there. Just because you are drafted you have to continue to fight and show people why you are meant to be a NBA player.

Here at Recruit Reels we want to congratulate everyone in this years NBA Draft, your dreams of one day playing in the NBA are now coming true. Make the most of every opportunity you have and remember to have FUN playing the game.