And so it begins AGAIN!

High School Football is back! With week 1 games starting this week we have a lot to look forward too this season. All Across the country student-athletes will be stepping into the spotlight to show how they have grown since last season. Since the last whistle blew from last season these student-athletes have counted down the seconds to when they would hear the first whistle this season.

For some student-athletes they have a lot to prove this season. All over the country some young men have already committed to a playing for a University, there are some young men who have some options and are waiting to the end of the season to make a decision, then you have some young men who haven’t even been offered anything yet. Maybe they are on someone’s radar, but haven’t received any offers yet. This season is HUGE for these young men. The Lower classmen still have a couple of seasons left to prove what they can do, but for some Upper classmen this is their final season. This is all they have left and they have to go out and give it 110%. They are just looking for the chance to play at the collegiate level.

A lot of these young men won’t play at a D1 school, they may not even play at a D2 school, but all they care about is playing the game they love at the collegiate level and going out there and giving it all they got. Now a D3 school may not sound appealing, but for some of these schools these young men can become the face of the program and a lot of these school still have scholarships to offer and may be able to offer more than some of the bigger schools could.

For the love of the game

This season is going to very fun to watch. All over the country these student-athletes are getting ready to play the game they love. This season will have a swing of emotions from laughter to tears, but that’s why the game of football is so great. It brings these student-athletes together and builds a bond between them that only a few will ever fully understand. For the young men who are already committed to schools, Congratulations. To the young men who are close to committing, remember to have fun and pick the best school for you. To the young men who just want a shot, this is the season for YOU! Go out and give it your all and show the world what you can bring to the table.

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