…and we have them. We’re prepared to shoot football, soccer and lacrosse games throughout the mid south region. Our 16 ft hi-pods provide a perspective and nearness to the action no other option can provide. Coupled with our Sony 4K HD video cameras and experienced videographers we provide teams, players and parents the footage they need to evaluate and highlight their play. Our hi-pods set up and break down easily, are durable, stable and effective. We do not charge extra for using a hi-pod because we are always wanting to up our game just like the players we shoot video for all over the southeast. From Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida we know how to capture the action at a 45 degree angle and from corner to corner of the field.

Unlike shooting from the top of a stadium where you have to zoom in to the point of pixelating the image or using a drone where battery life keeps you from capturing lengthy video clips and is at too steep of an angle where you can’t see the players at the best angle. Trust us, directly above the action is not the best angle. We invested in hi-pods because we had numerous requests for hi-pod video production, so we did our research and chose the SVT Advantage Tower Cameras.

Contact us to schedule your hi-pod video production. Whether you need an individual sports highlight video or game footage from a tournament, showcase, clinic or combine, we can provide professional sports video production.