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High School Recruiting Videos

Recruit Reels has a staff of seasoned professionals with sports backgrounds dedicated to showcasing high school athletes in their pursuit of college scholarships through high school recruiting videos. We bring our experience and connections in the industry to marry athletes with recruiters by providing information through video production.

Recruit Reels began producing professional sports high school recruiting videos approximately 10 years ago because we saw a need for high school athletes that needed help in acquiring an athletic scholarship. We bring dozens of years of video production skills to every project as well as a real love of sports. Also, we enjoy being a part of helping families afford college. The primary benefit we provide our clients is a complete understanding of what coaches, scouts and recruiters are looking for in high school recruiting videos. Get REEL. Get RECRUITED.

Jacob Cleaver

Jacob is our Production Manger and has been with us for 4 years. Jacob leads the Day to Day operations of working with clients on filming, editing, logistics, customer service and other day to day operations, while also working hand and hand with our strategic partners. Jacob has a degree from Middle Tennessee State University with a Degree in Electronic Media Production. Jacob grew up playing a lot of different sports and played Varsity Baseball and Basketball in High School. In college, he worked in the Intramural Department as a Supervisor and helped in the training of referees for several sports. Jacob enjoys working hand and hand with our clients and helping provide them a simple and easy experience in creating a professional highlight/skills video for them. Please contact Jacob directly at 615-896-6076 or email him at jacob@recruitreels.com for more information about how to get the process started.

Why Professional Sports Highlight High School Recruiting Videos?

There are approximately 23 NCAA-sponsored sports at over 1,000 member institutions involving over 400,000 student-athletes. Most of these athletes have all or a portion of their college education paid for through scholarships and grants. We typically don’t work for “blue-chippers” because they are already being actively recruited by colleges. We usually work with above average athletes that need to “self-recruit” to schools looking for a solid student-athlete that will help their program. Our goal is to help you become one of these student-athletes.

Recruit Reels provides three powerful reasons why coaches, recruiters, scouts, athletes, and parents should use our services:

  1. Our high school recruiting videos are true recruiting videos combining game action, specific skills, training/workout footage, stats, and an interview to provide the complete profile of the student athlete.
  2. We post any all provided stats, grades, and ACT/SAT scores on our highlight or skills video.
  3. We provide an online profile so that coaches, recruiters and scouts can watch your video and contact you.

What the Experts Say:

Video is the most compelling resource for recruiters and our videos provide a professional presentation. Recruiters use these videos to determine if you’re a fit for their program. We interviewed several college coaches to find out exactly what they needed in high school recruiting videos and believe we have struck the proper balance between sports and informational video.

Here’s what we were told:

  • “I need to see their athletic skills immediately.” We accomplish this by shooting our footage isolating on one subject. We will show the athlete’s skill set in real-time without effects and then replay in slow motion for emphasis. We spot-shadow our athletes at the beginning of each play where identification is questionable. We will limit the clips to 5-6 so that we can focus on different skills because we realize recruiters need to see versatility. The first minute tells them whether the rest of the video is worth watching, so we will sequence the scenes accordingly.
  • “Provide stats and grades.” We will do this time-saving step for the recruiters by getting the recruit’s permission to present this info. This helps coaches decide if the athlete is a good student as well.
  • “I need their email address, home number, cell number, parents’ numbers and email addresses, or any means available to make contact.” The most frustrating part of recruiting is to have interest in a prospect and not have a means of contact. We require all our recruits to provide all the information listed above.

We hope this resource will prove valuable to you throughout the recruiting process. It is very important to begin this process as early as is reasonable. Your high school recruiting videos will be posted to our website so that you can distribute or send the link to prospective coaches.

Why Choose Recruit Reels?

Recruit Reels allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters, and scouts through professional highlight video methods used by TV sports networks. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality. We shoot video for and work with student athletes in all 50 states and Canada.

We know what college recruiters desire to see in high school recruiting videos. They want to see the prospect’s skill set on display, their stats and hear the prospect speak since they will be a representative of their college, university, or organization.

Recruit Reels Provides:

  • Isolation footage of the player focusing on their athleticism and skills during a game with spot-shadowing for identification and emphasis (custom slo-mo and replay effects available upon request)
  • Skills Session / Combines / Showcases / Clinics  / Workout / Training footage displaying specific skills.
  • Interview covering the prospect’s goals, career highlights, hobbies, and interests.
  • Highlight videos often include GPA, ACT/SAT scores, community activity and relevant sport and position stats.


We only use professional equipment, proven techniques, and listen to what recruiters need. Your video will provide college recruiters with dynamic and informative profiles. Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide video footage and/or have us shoot video for you.
  2. Enter your vital data for your biography and sport in our simple form that we will send to you after you make the purchase of your chosen video package.
  3. Either you choose the specific video clips or we choose them (there are additional fees if we choose the clips)
  4. Review the “roughcut” video that send to you online for accuracy.
  5. Upon final approval, a High-Res final copy will be exported and uploaded to our website for you to distribute at your discretion. If you want to download the highlight video we will send you a separate, downloadable link.

Our Services

Recruit Reels allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters, and scouts through professional methods used by TV sports networks.

We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from all the other athletes vying for scholarships. We offer convenience, competitive pricing, quick turnaround, and superior quality. We shoot video for and work with student athletes in all 50 states and Canada and know how to create an effective highlight video that will make you stand out from others competing for a limited number of scholarships

Highlight Videos

Recruit Reels allows you to market your athletic skills to college coaches, recruiters and scouts through highlight and skills videos using professional methods and equipment. We have a network of professional sports videographers across the country using broadcast-quality equipment to shoot the entire game focusing specifically on you on every play. We know how to package your highlights to make you stand out from  other athletes vying for scholarships. We provide a digital file for Internet use that helps you expose your skills to the broadest audience possible.


Skills Video Production

We will provide you with a skills video that you can distribute to coaches, scouts and recruiters that want to see your specific skills. Skills videos are becoming more popular with coaches because they see you in a “combine” environment and can focus on your specific skill set. A Skills video will show a coach several skills stations with clips from each skills station – this gives the coach information about your abilities so that they can make a decision about recruiting you. Typically Skills video are used in addition to a highlight video, interview and workout video.


Tribute Videos

Recruit Reels creates custom tribute videos that are a snapshot in time of you or your teams sports career or season. We combine footage and still photos to create a keepsake that lets you relive the glory days. Little League baseball, Pee Wee football, all the way to high school and college teams we can capture the excitement you felt during your athletic career.


Sports Event Videography

Recruit Reels has a network of professional sports videographers dedicated to capturing professional footage of your event, games or even entire season. Several teams hire us to shoot video of their games and then upload quickly so that they can use for training sessions. Our team of professionals knows where to place the camera and follow the action to capture the excitement of the game. Let our team work for you to capture that your sports event.


Combines & Showcases

We know how to shoot and edit video for your Combine or Showcase. Multi-cam, multi-station, multi-field—no problem. Coordinating these events can be a logistics nightmare, unless you hire us!

We Can Help With:

  • Editing, FX, Music & Graphics: We will take your raw footage, edit the scenes together, add effects such as highlighting for identification purposes, and add music and graphics to make it professional.
  • Game footage isolation shoot: A professional videographer using broadcast-quality equipment will shoot the entire game close-up focusing specifically on you on every play. We offer high-definition for a slightly higher fee.
  • Workout/Training shoot: A professional videographer will go on location to shoot your workout displaying specific skills or training methods.
  • Interview: The interview will be shot at a venue of your choosing and will consist of 5 prepared questions to allow recruiters to hear your accomplishments, goals, and interests. The interview will incorporate professional lighting and sound to make the best impression on recruiters.

Privacy Policy

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Return / Refund Policy

  • All orders and payments are typically processed within 1-2 business days following the receipt of your order.
  • Should you decide that you no longer want the product or service you have purchased WITHIN 30 DAYS and BEFORE we have started any work on your behalf, we will provide a full refund, minus any processing/miscellaneous fees and/or time we’ve spent on your project (our standard hourly rate is $150/hr)
  • If you want a refund AFTER 30 DAYS and BEFORE we’ve begun work on your project, we will issue a refund of ONE-HALF of your total purchase price.
  • If you want a refund AFTER 30 DAYS and AFTER we’ve begun work on your project, we will issue a ONE-HALF credit for any future purchase you want.
  • If we provide a refund, it may take up to 30 days before you receive the refund.

Due to the nature of our business, we factor in “man hours” for planning, shooting, editing, administrating and delivering our products and services to our clients. Each project has different costs at different stages of the process and will need to be evaluated for the purpose of providing a refund. We will always strive to be fair and reasonable about providing a refund.

Should you not be happy with the final product or service AFTER you (Purchaser) have given written approval there will not be a refund, no exceptions.

If you have any questions about our Return or Refund Policy please contact us.


Cancellation Policy

If your scheduled video shoot is cancelled for any reason (bad weather, forfeit, injury, illness, etc.) less than 24 (twenty-four) hours before the scheduled shoot time, you will be charged full price for the shoot and then provided a $100 (one-hundred) credit toward any future make-up or new single game shoot. If our videographer has arrived on site for the game within 1 (one) hour of the stated game time and the game is cancelled for any reason, there will be no refund or credit. If game time changes and we or our videographer are not informed at least 1 (one) hour before the initial game time, you will be charged in full. If there is a game delay and/or game is extended in extra play, our videographers may or may not be able to stay on site beyond the scheduled shoot time. If they are able to stay on site and wait for the game to restart and/or film the additional game play, we will need to charge an additional $99 (ninety-nine) per additional hour past the normal game time.

Recruit Reels is a BBB Accredited Videographer in Murfreesboro, TN