Advertising Opportunities

We established to provide professional video highlight reels to high school athletes that aspire to receive collegiate, athletic scholarships. Clients receive a 5-7 minute highlight reel that is distributed via a link on our website or on services such as Hudl. The athletes, their parents, or their coaches send the highlight reels to various college coaches, recruiters, and scouts. These same coaches, recruiters, and scouts will also visit our website to search for athlete highlight reels in our video library. That’s why Recruit Reels provides an excellent opportunity to advertise your company to athletes and coaches!

Our Primary Audiences Are:

  • High school athletes.
  • Parents and family of high school athletes.
  • High school and college coaches, scouts and recruiters.
  • Fans of high school and college sport.

Recruit Reels will provide an advertising presence for our charter advertisers. These ads include but are not limited to: 

  1. Homepage horizontal ad and/or square “bug” ad.
  2. Interior page horizontal ad and/or square “bug” ad .
  3. Logo placement on all email blasts .
  4. Logo placement on selected printed promotional items such as but not limited to print ads, flyers, brochures, signs and rack cards.
  5. Mentions at events and presentations.


  1. Gold Level: $1000 per month (includes options 1-5)
  2. Silver Level: $500 per month (includes options 1-3)
  3. Bronze Level: $250 per month (includes options 2-4)

Graphic Needs:

We will need your logo in .eps (vector) format. Additionally, if you place a web banner ad we will send you the needed specs. You will also need to provide the web URL (address) you want the user to click through to.

We will provide quarterly traffic reports of all web activity.

Advertise your company to athletes and coaches

Recruit Reels currently promotes our brand and services through a variety of resources and advertising vehicles. Our primary goal is to get our target market to visit our website. Currently we average over 5000 unique visits per month from all over the country.

Thank you for helping us get Recruit Reels started. We believe our service will be successful in a relatively short period of time. Having partners like you will not only help us build Recruit Reels but will also provide needed audience recognition for both companies.

Thank you for your consideration and please contact us to advertise your company to athletes and coaches today.