Freelance Videographers

We Want You!

Recruit Reels is a national highlight reel production company focused on providing DVD highlight reels to high school student athletes for the pursuit of college athletic scholarships. We will provide these athletes with a cost-effective tool to get recruited by creating a slick, professional video capturing their overall profile including athletic skills, statistics, GPA, and aspirations. Recruit Reels is looking for experienced, freelance videographers, with their own equipment to shoot games, practices, workouts, and interviews for high school athletes to be used in these videos.


  • Professional-quality camera with microphone and tripod.
  • Lighting if necessary for interview.
  • Verifiable credentials and references.
  • Freelance contractor’s agreement.


DVD, Mini-DVD, DVCam, Mini-DV. Alternatively, you can upload the footage to an FTP site for retrieval.


  • Compensation consists of $150 – $200depending on estimated event duration (agreed upon prior to finalizing contract).
  • An additional”Finder’s Fee” in the amount of 10% of the order total will be paid for packages sold by the Videographer (call for details).
  • Recruit Reels also offers “Partnership Packages” to vendors interested in serving as outside sales representatives including marketing collateral and SWAG.


It is your responsibility to get the appropriate credentials prior to the event. Recruit Reels will not reimburse expenses for gas, meals, or tickets.

  • Shoot every play isolating the subject as much as possible.
  • Shoot the subject tightly enough to identify the individual effort without losing the overall impact of the play.
  • Verify with us the angles from which you intend to shoot prior to the event.
  • Where skill positions are involved, it’s best to keep the ball in the frame with the subject when possible.


  • Shoot the subject head to toe leaving space for an opponent in the frame.
  • Lead the subject in the frame. For example if running left to right, keep subject on the left half of the frame instead of center to allow for sudden stops or change in direction.
  • Stay with the subject throughout the play. They may become the focal part of the play even though they weren’t the intended target.
  • Try to capture the impact of the subject on the play.


  • Try to control the environment as much as possible by moving away from distracting noises, lights, or activity.
  • The subject should be the brightest object in the frame. Try to avoid dark shadows or direct sunlight. Reflected light or flat lighting is best.
  • Frame the subject from the middle of the chest to a couple of inches above their head.
  • Get the microphone as close as possible to the subject. Use lapel mic if possible.
  • Have the subject look directly into the lens of the camera or just to the side.
  • Have the subject rephrase the question as part of their answer.


  1. What is your goal in (sport)?
  2. What was the highlight of your career?
  3. What do you do outside of (sport)?
  4. What sets you apart from other student athletes?
  5. What would a scholarship mean to you?


  • Upload file to ftp and email shot sheet.
  • Payment will be made within 30 days of receipt of footage.