How to Submit Your Sports Video Footage

Here are the instructions on how to submit your sports video footage to for your highlight or skills video:

Video from games, practices, workouts, camps, or training facilities must be identifiable by providing in and out points. Most digital formats have an embedded timecode, which provides the address at any given point in the video. However, VHS tapes do not provide this timecode so a different method must be used.

For VHS tapes, cue to the beginning and reset the counter to zero. The code provided is a running time and must be reset each time a tape is exchanged.

How to Submit Your Sports Video Footage to Us

We accept the following film formats: DVD, Mini-DVD, DVCam, Mini-DV, VHS, Video-CD

  1. Download the Shot Sheet form.
  2. Pick 8-10 total scenes showing different skills from a maximum of 5 sources.
  3. Label each source Reel #1, Reel #2, etc.
  4. Fill in the appropriate information at the top of the shot sheet for identification purposes. If different numbers and/or colors of jerseys are involved, please specify in the “Comments” column next to each scene.
  5. Cue the source to the beginning of the scene you want to use and press “pause.” Enter the timecode in the “INPOINT” column. Press “play” and let the scene continue until the end and press “pause.” Enter the timecode in the “OUTPOINT” column. In the “COMMENTS” column list the jersey color/number and a summary of the scene. Example “Blue/#6, caught TD pass.”
  6. Cue the source to the next scene and repeat step number 5.
  7. Record all of the information for the scenes on Reel #1 before moving on to Reel #2.
  8. Once all of the information is entered for all of the reels, you’ll need to enter the sequence you want the scenes to appear on the video in the “SEQ” column. You’ll want the best plays at the beginning of the tape. Remember, recruiters only watch the first 3 minutes to determine whether the skills match their needs. If they are interested, they’ll continue to watch the rest.
  9. Package all sources (including the shot-sheet) in a suitable container to avoid damage and mail to Recruit Reels.