So, you want to get noticed by a college scout, but how? First off, the simplest and most important part is your game. You need to be an above average athlete or at least have potential that someone can notice. But let’s say you are good, and you still aren’t getting noticed, some would call you a “diamond in the rough” or “flying under the radar”. So, what can you do now? Take every step so that you can get noticed.

You need game film

You need to put together a highlight film of your best plays and send them to coaches. This is where our expertise comes into play, Recruit Reels has been in the sports highlight business for 11 years. We supply athletes all over the country with highlight reels to help them get recruited. Once you send your highlight reel to coaches, they will have you on their map and you will have a better chance to get invited to a camp or perhaps hear some feedback of what the coach is looking for in a player.

Now you have a reel, but you don’t know where or who to send them to. You might know the school you want to send them to but how do you get the coaches information? Here are some tricks:

  • Go to the school’s athletic site and search for the coach’s email on the coaching staff/roster link
  • Every university has their coaches listed in the directory on the university’s website
  • The subject of your email should contain: your name, position and graduation year, example: Frank Harris QB c/o 2021
  • In the email write short bio about yourself name, hometown, position, stats and what stands out about your game.

The last step you should take, but a very important one is going to a camp held by the university. Most schools hold summer camps that give high school athletes the chance to come to them and compete among one another in hopes to catch a coach’s eye. This also gives you the opportunity to talk to the coaches face-to-face and make an impression.

Use these tips, apply them to your own process and give yourself every opportunity to get noticed, receive a college education and play at the next level!

Here are at Recruit Reels we can help you in creating a highlight video by filming new footage and/or using preexisting footage.Whatever your sports video production needs are, we can provide professional, efficient and affordable solutions. Please contact us to get your back to school, back to recruiting video started.

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