Filming and posting your highlight video is only step one of the recruiting process. The next step is getting your video seen by coaches and recruiters so that you can get the scholarship that you have worked so hard for. Research shows that a recruiting profile with a highlight/skills video is at least 12 times more likely to be viewed than a profile without a video. But how do you get coaches to your profile to watch your highlight video? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Be Proactive

Make a list of your top colleges and prioritize them based on your interest level. Think about who you want to reach first and craft a personalized email to those coaches to let them know that your video is ready to view. Include a link to your video and keep your email short and accessible. Don’t count on coaches to find your video on their own. You have to take action and be proactive in order to get seen and get recruited.

Follow Up

After sending an email, it’s important to follow up with your emails to make sure they were received and to check if the coaches have any questions or concerns. Allow two weeks for a reply before sending a follow-up email or making a follow-up phone call. Ask the coach if they had a chance to view your video and request feedback. You can even ask the coach if you might be a player they would be interested in recruiting. Be polite and respectful during these calls. Following up can show a level of organization and professionalism that can go a long way in your recruiting process.

Leverage Social Media

Good recruiters and coaches are watching social media for the latest talk out of high school sports. Keep your social media clean and focused on your sport. Share your highlight videos and even tag the coaches and programs in which you are targeting. Using social media is a great way to generate buzz around your skills and get noticed by the big names in college athletics.

Regardless of what methods you use to get your video seen by recruiters, the foundation of any great recruiting process is a great highlight/skills video. Trust the professionals with your video. With college tuition continuing to rise—$50K+ over 4 years is what the average family pays to send their student to state/public college—getting part or all of your tuition paid for through an athletic scholarship is wise investment. Contact us today to get started!