Being a Student-Athlete

In today’s world colleges are starting to recruit athletes even younger. They are looking for the next big thing. They want someone with athletic gifts and someone who can impact their program. Programs want student-athletes today who will be able to excel not only on the field, but also in the classroom and in the community.

The NCAA is very concerned about student-athletes, academics, test scores, and graduation rates. So with the NCAA very concerned about this, there is more pressure on coaches to find athletes who will be able to excel on and off the field! You could be a player who makes a positive impact on the field, but off the field you make a negative one in the classroom and/or community, coaches are less likely to want you in their program because this could impact their scholarships and/or job security.

Lead by Example

Student-athletes need to make a strong effort to help make positive impacts in their community. This could be anything from volunteering, mentoring, and/or just leading by example. They also need to make a strong effort in the classroom. They are working hard to build their skills and abilities on the field, they need to spend time in the books helping building their mind. Student-athletes need to have good grades and test scores. Coaches aren’t asking students to make straight A’s and perfect scores on the ACT and SAT, they just want them to work towards certain goals in their education and do the best the possible can.

By student-athletes putting the time and work into having good grades and working on making a positive impact in the community this will not only help them continue their dream of playing a sport collegiately, it will also impact future generations to come because of the example they are setting.

At the end of the day they are called student-athletes for a reason, because they are a student first and an athlete second! Here at Recruit Reels our mission is to help students who want their shot to play collegiately. We help you by creating a professional highlight video to showcase your skills.