Making a Decision 

School has been back in session for over a month now. Students are in the full swing off things and everything is starting to intensify. For underclassman, they are still getting used to the difference from Middle School to High School and for upperclassman they understand how things work and understand what needs to be done. One thing upperclassman have to deal with now is thinking about what they want to do after high school! This can be especially difficult for student-athletes who are trying to play their sport at the next level. Trying to find a college/university that fits all your needs can be difficult, but add in trying to find one that will give you the college experience, but also allow you to play the game you love.

When determining which college/university you would like to attend there are some steps you should take in to pick the best fit for you. Such as: what do you want to get from college, will you be comfortable, what do you want to achieve and what are the pros and cons of the school. You’re thinking of what you want to do in life, if that school offers programs that will help you advance in life, what scholarships are offered and level of academics. These are some factors you need to consider just for college, but when you are a student-athlete wanting to play at the next level you need to consider: if the school is competitive, will it help you grow as an athlete, the atmosphere of the program, will your style of play fit, scholarships offered, and will you be able to fit in with the other players and coaches. You have to think about yourself what the best fit will be for you and what will advance you.

Find a college/university is an important part of taking the next step in your athletic career. To help ease the decision visit several schools, talk to coaches, apply to several schools so that you have options, prepare early, discuss with family and friends, weigh all the factors with a scale and make a pros and cons list, and do what’s best for you. Doing these things early will not only help make the decision for you a little bit easier, it will also help you know you made the right decision.

Here at Recruit Reels we believe that student-athletes preparing early for the future and starting to work towards goals they want to achieve, will help them be ready for when they are able to make a decision of their choice of school. Some student-athletes will need highlight videos to send to college coaches. Here at Recruit Reels we can help you create a professional highlight video for you to send to college.