Just think about how many people are living their dreams as March Madness begins. All of the players, coaches, parents, siblings, administrators, fans, etc., have dreamed of the day their team or favorite player made it to the big dance. From the first time they tried to dribble a basketball to the day anew recruits they signed their letter of intent and then waiting breathlessly to hear where their team would be in the NCAA bracket—these accomplished dreamers made it happen and now they have an opportunity at sports immortality. March Madness is the single most exciting sports tournament in America. Why? Because little-known teams of basketball players worked hard, developed some serious chemistry and left nothing on the court every time they played. They challenge the Goliath’s of college basketball and sometimes they win. Now, they have the opportunity to work their way up the bracket and knock off big time programs that only recruit blue chippers, have pro-level facilities and bring along tens of thousands of fans where every they play. It’s March Madness and everyone should take the time to dream along with millions of others that dream of greatness.