National Signing Day for High School Football Players


From the Blue Chipper to the kid no one expected to ever play beyond the Pee Wee League—National Signing Day tells so many great stories. The dreamer, the shoe-in, the over-achiever and one groomed for greatness—all kinds of young men seek the satisfaction and glory of playing college football. Whether they are playing on Saturdays in a no-name field for a DIII, DII or mid-major, or maybe in the Big House, Death Valley, Rocky Top or in the Swamp—they all seek the same thing—playing at the next level. Few understand what a great accomplishment it is to play a high school and college sport.

First, you have to be good enough. Then you need the discipline to get better. Because there’s always someone better than you and playing on a team is earned, not an entitlement. Next, an athlete must not only stay out of trouble, but they have to maintain their grades in order to remain eligible to play. But most importantly, every athlete had to have a tremendous support system. Usually it’s their parents, coaches, teachers and friends that drive them around from practice to practice, help them with homework and see to it they work hard and stay focused.

National Signing Day is as much of an accomplishment for them as it is for the players. So, shake their hand, pat them on the back and cheer for them on Saturday. It’s football time all over America! Spring practice is just around the corner.
Many high school football players utilize a highlight video to capture the attention of coaches, scouts and coaches. So, if you know a football player that can play at the next level and needs a highlight video, send them to