Spring sports have ended, and summer is quickly approaching. Although summer is a time for rest and relaxation for most students, as an athlete, your mind has probably already begun to focus on the fall sports season. Summer is a great time to get a jump on the competition and prepare for the upcoming season. Regardless of your sport, there are several things you can do now to make your game the best it can be when fall comes.

Summer Conditioning

Not every high school has a summer conditioning program, but it’s important to maintain your fitness over the summer. Try to find a local conditioning program, or create your own conditioning schedule. Include weight training, cardio, and sport-specific exercises for optimum fitness. Athletes can also work with fitness professionals from a local gym to create a fitness schedule that works for them.

Hydration and Nutrition

Summer is not the time to slack off on your nutrition. It’s okay to enjoy the occasional treat, but be mindful of the things your are putting into your body. Maintain a diet full of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains and good sources of protein. Avoid drinking sugary sports drinks or sodas and instead drink water throughout the day and during your workouts.

Get a Physical Exam

Most sports programs do not allow athletes to participate without an updated physical evaluation form from their physician. The summer is the perfect time to schedule an exam and complete this form. This will also allow you to address any health concerns before the fall season begins.

Schedule a Highlight Video

As a student-athlete, you probably understand the value of a sports highlight video. 98 percent of student-athletes who wish to play at the collegiate level must self-recruit to college coaches and recruiters in order to obtain the highly coveted athletic scholarships. The best way you can set yourself apart from the hordes of athletes competing for a spot on your dream team is through a professional sports highlight video.

The summer is the perfect time to begin thinking about your highlight video and talking with highlight video professionals about which skills and exercises you need to focus on in your video. It might even be a good idea to set up a time to film some training exercises or skills videos over the summer to add to your highlight video.

Remember, this summer is your chance to set yourself apart in both your physical abilities and your preparation. Don’t let these months pass you by without taking active steps towards your future as an athlete!

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