In Season Training for Athletes

Learning how to train during season for an athlete is extremely important. A lot of athletes will train hard during the offseason and then quit training during the season causing them to lose muscle and size. It is important that athletes continue to train during their season but you must change the way you train. Your goal of in season training should be to maintain your size and strength, if not gain size and strength. It is extremely important that you get rest and keep your body healthy during your season. When you train you should train lighter and faster than you do in the offseason. The team over at STACK Velocity Sports Performance suggests that you do not lift any heavier than 85% of your max weight during season.

Alan Stein, of Pure Sweat Basketball, recommends training your body in the areas that are prone to injury to help strengthen your body during season. Mr. Stein is big on training your body to help reduce injuries. He says you should train your knees, ankles, groin, lower back, and hands. Mr. Stein has trained and worked out many professional basketball players. In the article below, he has some very good information about in season training that is really in depth. He also provides some in season sample workouts (keep in mind that he is a specialist in basketball, so his workouts are designed for basketball players). Here at Recruit Reels we believe keeping your mind and body trained throughout the sports season will continue to help further your skills!