Skills Video or Highlight Video?

For several years we’ve been producing Sports Highlight Videos for high school athletes all over the country. But recently, more clients have been requesting a Skills Video – either in addition to a Highlight Video or by itself. Apparently more coaches, recruiters and scouts are asking for a Skills Video – which is comparable to producing a video from a sports combine. Also, the requests seem to be specific to the sport, i.e., there are some coaches that prefer a Skills Video for a specific position, such as a Soccer, Hockey or LaCrosse goalie. But, that same coach may prefer a game Highlight Video over a Skills Video for a Soccer Forward. We always try to provide exactly the kind of video product our clients need and depend on our experience and knowledge, but also on the advice of the parents and coaches.

An effective Skills video will show a coach 5-10 skills stations with 5-7 clips from each station – this will provide a coach enough information about a players abilities so that they can make a decision to contact the player. The ultimate video recruiting tool will provide game footage, skills footage, workout footage and interview footage and will not be more than 7 minutes. This gives a coach everything they need to start the recruiting process with that player. If you have any questions about whether you need a Skills Video or a Highlight Video give us a shout.