Start Gathering Game Film for Your Highlight Video

It is important that you have plenty of game film for your highlight tape. It would be a good idea to start getting your game films together before you are ready to make a highlight video. This way when you are ready, you have all the games selected and ready to be edited. But it is a good idea to only have a handful of games on your highlight tape. If a coach watches a highlight tape with 30 plays from 20 games, it is way less impressive than a video with 30 plays from 5 games. It is important that you are planning and thinking about your highlight video before it is time to make one.

Now, lets talk about the actual video. Your video should be of the absolute best quality. This is the most important thing. Coaches do not want to watch a highlight tape that is blurry and hard to tell whom they are even looking for. Make sure that when you send your video to a coach, you also send all the information about yourself. A coach will NOT watch a video that he has received that has no name or information on the outside of the video/package.  Before your highlights, you need to add all the information about yourself in the video as well. These things will include: stats, GPA, ACT/SAT Scores, Awards, Graduation Year, jersey number, etc. There also needs to be a picture of you so they can match a name with the face.

The recruiting process is hard and takes a lot effort. You will NOT be recruited if you expect coaches to call you and expect coaches to do all the work. You have to sell yourself to these coaches and work to get recruited. The athletes who really want to play at the next level will do what it takes. We can help make the recruiting process easier for you. We can make you a professional highlight video at an affordable cost. Give us a call at 615-896-6076 for more information about how we can help you.