When Should You Start The Recruiting Process?

When should you start the recruiting process? The answer may surprise you. Today kids are being recruited and sometimes even offered in middle school. The best years to start the recruiting process would be your freshman and sophomore year of high school.  Your freshman year is when you should think about the type of schools you would like to go play at. Your sophomore year is when you decide if you really want to try to play at the next level. During these first two years it is extremely critical that you work on your skill and strength as much as possible. It s also just as important to make sure you are starting out high school with strong academics. Academics is another thing coaches really look at. During your sophomore year is a good year to take campus visits to colleges of your interest. This is a very good time to introduce yourself to the coach and give them information about yourself. It would be ideal that you bring a resume’ of yourself (for more information about your athlete resume’, see our article “Things To Know About Exposure Camps and Showcases”).

Your junior year is the work that the coaches are going to look at to determine if you are worth a scholarship or not. This is the most important year in the recruiting process but that does not mean it is the beginning! Many people do not start trying to get recruiting until late into their junior or senior years and sometimes it is simply too late. If you haven’t made phone calls or sent anything to coaches at this point, you better get on it! A professional highlight video is also important to send to coaches. Coaches do not get to go watch every kid that they may be interested. A highlight video is where you can showcase your skills to a coach across the country in just 5 minutes. If you need help making a highlight video, please do not hesitate to contact us at 615-896-6076.

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