The winter months for high school athletes can be very difficult for them to stay active and in shape. Staying active during these months are key for winter sport athletes and spring athletes.   Depending on what area you live in weather elements can keep you from being able to go outside or travel to a local gym. Finding ways to stay active at home can be key to helping you get through the winter months. 

Avoid procrastination when trying to stay active at home. Make goals and set schedules to help you stay active with home workouts.  Not allowing yourself to say “I’ll do it later” or  “Just a couple more minutes”,  staying active at home by staying dedicated and holding yourself to being able to workout will help you not only during the season, but also knowing that you always have a little extra in the tank when times get tough. 

Staying active at home can be challenging, but doing certain workouts or activities can be very rewarding. Stretching is very beneficial when you are unable to lift weights and doing pushups and sit ups throughout the day will help you when you get back into the gym. Doing jumping jacks, running in place, jumping on a trampoline, and burpees are great for cardio and working different muscles throughout your body. Get creative with your workouts and do things around the house that combine working out and chores around the house. You’ll get exercise and your parents will be extremely happy. 

Not only do you need to do workouts to exercise your mind, but do things to exercise your brain by  Schedule in time each day to read a book or an article, do brain games, challenge yourself with trivia or things about history, take time to relax, listen to music, and even hanging out with friends will help in maintain ing your education and staying mentally strong.

Maintain a diet full of healthy fruits, vegetables, grains, and good sources of protein. Avoid drinking sugary sports drinks or sodas and instead drink water throughout the day and during your workouts.

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