Staying in Shape During the Summer

As a student-athlete it’s important to stay active and in shape during the off-season. You don’t want to push yourself to hard but you also don’t want to give up being active. There are many things you can do to stay in shape during your off season.

The first thing to focus on is rest. During the summer you need to make sure you are getting some good rest. Rest is good for recovery, mental focus and strength. Start with small workouts and work your way up.

Another way to stay in shape during the summer is by keeping up with your nutrition. It’s a great time to focus on eating nutrient dense foods that are low in fat. You don’t want to pack on weight because it will lower your endurance and slows your speed. It will take longer to get rid of the weight once you put it on.

Take 3 or 4 days a week to exercise. It’s important to not over work yourself. If you make a plan to exercise part of the week you can use the other days to rest physically and mentally. Try participating in activities that compliment your sport but avoid activities that could cause injury. Make a point to get outside each day to keep your body moving and blood flowing.

The most important thing to do during the summer to stay in shape is to drink more water. Water is important for staying hydrated. If you drink plenty of water during the off-season it’ll help you develop the habit so you stay hydrated during your sports season.

Remember to stay active but not overwork yourself. Focus on resting, eating right, and getting outside to stay active. Here at Recruit Reels we believe keeping your mind and body trained throughout the off-season will continue to help further your skills!

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