Staying on Top of your Game

Do you want to take your game to the next level and play collegiate sports. With school season being cancelled and summer and fall sports under jeopardy of being delayed or cancelled, right now is a very important time to be communicating with coaches and schools about your talents and how the school would work best for you. 

During this time you need to be keeping your game up and continuing practicing and training as much as you can while staying safe. Keeping a regimen going with help as things start to get back to normal. Staying in contact with your coaches about things you can be doing well help too. Make sure to keep your studies up as well, doing some daily reading and school work will help you once school starts back up. 

Staying in contact with schools and coaches about the playing at their school and how their recruitment process is going will help you navigate on what you will need to do going forward. Being able to send colleges and coaches film our yourself during this time is huge. With a lot of seasons cancelled getting new footage may be hard. Being able to send a coach pre-existing game footage and/or skills footage will help you stay on schools and coaches radars. 

Here are at Recruit Reels we can help you in creating a highlight video and skills video by filming using preexisting footage and helping film skills sessions. Whatever your sports video production needs are, we can provide professional, efficient and affordable solutions. Please contact us to get your back to school, back to recruiting video started.

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