As student-athletes look for ways to grow their skills, there are benefits to playing their chosen sport(s) both in high school and within a club team. Many believe that playing with a club team increases the chance for student-athletes to play at the next level. Playing with a club team can gain more exposure for student-athletes, and the level of competition they encounter can be even higher than with regular school sports. Every chance taken can help student-athletes achieve their dreams of playing at the next level!

Playing with a high school team allows athletes to represent their school and helps prepare them for the academic experience of playing in college. The benefit of playing with a club is learning from elite athletes. Many times with club sports, athletes have to try out for the team and can pick which teams they’d like to try out for. As a result, athletes face a higher level of competition and increase their exposure with tournaments and showcases across the country. The experience of playing with other athletes on a club team from different backgrounds can enhance the ways to play a sport. Student-athletes should carefully consider chances to work at growing their game.

The benefits of playing for a high school team are that it’s a set time each year and allows student-athletes to develop in other areas. In addition, there is a sense of pride in playing for a local high school and within a community; there is a chance to grow leadership and relationship skills and stand out more on a team. Finally, while playing with a club may feel more intense and can come with more pressure for perfection, playing with a high school may allow athletes to feel less pressure while allowing them time to learn from their mistakes and to grow through their school years.  However, both offer opportunities to help student-athletes become even better since each has aspects beneficial to student-athletes both on and off the field.

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