Why Student-Athletes Need to Focus on Academics

High School student-athletes really need to focus on their grades for a variety of reasons. Only 1% of college athletes play professionally. That means the other 99% of college athletes have to go out in the workforce. It is important that you make good grades in High School so you can get accepted into a respected university and ultimately help you get a good job.

When it comes to recruiting, academics are very important as well. Coaches are looking for athletes who excel in the classroom more so than on the court/field. Coaches only have a certain number of scholarships. If there are two athletes who are abbot the same in athletics, but far different in the classroom, the coach is going to choose the athlete who has the better grades. Why? They will choose the athlete with better grades because that athlete will get more money from financial aid which ultimately will save the coach money on that specific scholarship. Coaches are looking for every way to turn a scholarship into multiple athletes. The best coaches can recruit academically accomplished players and split 8 full scholarships into 15 players. Here at Recruit Reels we believe that Academics are a huge piece in the recruiting process and we believe you need to be able to impress a coach on the field and in the classroom.

More Information: http://www.athleticscholarships.net/academicscholarships.htm