Summer Portal for Student Athletes

With all the changes to the college transfer portal over the last couple of years, it is a big decision for many college athletes. The important thing before deciding this is to talk it over with friends and family. You want to see how it will affect your personal and educational life, not just athletically. When entering the portal, it is essential to follow all the rules and guidelines given by the NCAA. You will want to be sure you have all the necessary information and documents filled out. For athletes going from a small school to a bigger school or a lower division to a higher division, there may be additional information that is needed. 

Working with an advisor to tackle entering the portal will be beneficial to make sure you complete the steps correctly. In some situations, you may need to provide a highlight video that will show all of your skills. It is important during this time to follow the specific requirements the schools you want to transfer to are looking for. Recruit Reels can help put together a highlight reel that features your best plays and skills. Once you let us know what you need to include in your video, we can use our third-party perspective to pick out plays that best highlight your skills. We can take the footage you provide and turn it into exactly what those schools are looking for when viewing a highlight reel. It will be up to you to send your highlight reel to schools once we send you the final copy. 

Recruit Reels strives to help athletes reach their dreams of playing college sports by providing custom and professional highlight and skills video services. Call us today at (833) 473-2784 or check out our website at to see what we can do for you!