With the uncertainty of high school sports being played this year, it is important to keep the end goal in mind. Some sports have started their season with no promise of finishing them. The coronavirus is unpredictable and is continuing to change our everyday lives and society as a whole. What is the best thing to do?

It is hard to say what the best plan of action is when dealing with a pandemic and the uncertainty of high school athletics in 2020-2021. Especially, since the NCAA and Division I council has postponed in person recruiting until January 1st. This date is likely to change and possibly be pushed back even further. This affects the fall high school sports being played right now including football, golf, women’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and cross country. This will affect the Winter sports including basketball and wrestling as well. So what are the options as a high school athlete?

A common trend of recent years has been recruiting online, coaches can do more scouting and research on players through email. They can see more players in a day through emails and videos than they can at a showcase event in person. It saves college coaches time; time is the most valuable asset a coach has. With the coronavirus pandemic in our midst, online recruiting has become even more relevant than in the past. Since, college coaches are prevented from in person scouting and most showcases and combines have been cancelled or moved back this makes online recruiting that much more relevant this fall and winter. There are two options that we offer as good opportunities for being recruited this fall and winter. The first option is having a highlight video made to display your talents. A highlight video can only be made if you are playing this fall or winter. The second option is having a skills video made. A skills video can be made without any in game footage, this may be the best option for you if your season has been cancelled. If you have limited amount of in game footage, then a mix of both can be made as well. Once a highlight or skills video has been made for you, then you can send it to any college or coach that you would like.