The Fall Sports Season Has Arrived 

School is back into full swing and student-athletes are about to start their new sport season. With games beginning soon, all the hard work you put into practice, training, and giving it your all is about to be seen by your community. While it is a very exciting time to be showing your skill set, it is also very important to make sure you keep up with your school work, down time, and keeping yourself healthy. 

Throughout the season you need to make sure you are keeping up with your studies and putting in the work in the classroom. Make the time to study and do your homework. Taking the time to study will help make your school life less stressful during the school year. 

While you need to continue to practice and train throughout the season, you also need to schedule in down time. Hanging out with friends and/or family, go to a movie, relax and play a board game, whatever it may be just make sure to take time and get some rest and relaxation. 

Taking care of your health and body throughout the season is very important. Make sure you are eating correctly and getting enough sleep since both are crucial to your performance on the field and in the classroom. Make sure to drink lots of water, especially if you play a sport outside. Make sure to talk with your coaches about how to continue to keep your body healthy. Talk to your coach if something doesn’t feel right in order to avoid injury. 

Enjoy these times of your life and have fun in the process! Recruit Reels can help you take your game to the next level with a highlight and/or skills video. Contact us at 833-473-2784 or email at