Now that high school football season is in full swing, the lingering question on the minds of juniors and seniors on the field is, “Where am I going to go to college?” It is a major life decision, and one that should be thought out very carefully. If you have decided to play football in college, you are probably considering how you can draw the attention of college recruiters from your top schools. College recruiters are busy, and they only have time to visit a few high schools every season. So how can you make sure your name makes their final list?

Over the last 10 years, one of the most important changes in the recruiting process is the introduction of newer, faster ways to view highlight film. Coaches and recruiters from all over the country can now watch videos of hundreds of players without the expense of traveling to high school football games. A highlight video alone may not land you a full-ride scholarship, but it can serve as an introduction to the coaching staff at your dream school. Coaches and recruiters are much more likely to open an email and watch a 5-minute video than spend their time and money accepting an invitation to a football game to watch you play.

In addition to showcasing your skills as a player, a well-filmed, well-edited highlight video can show a coaching staff that you care about your football career and you are serious about playing for their team. College coaches can tell after watching just a couple minutes of a video if they are interested in a certain player, so making a good impression right off the bat is vital.

One of the best things you can do for your football career is to make sure you have an impressive highlight video to be seen by recruiters and coaches. Don’t leave this important aspect of your future to chance. Contact our professionals to help you showcase your talent and get noticed by the school of your dreams.

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