Exposure camps/showcases and club sports can benefit you as an athlete looking to be recruited, if you’re smart. First off, go to camps and showcases where you have a chance to “stand out.” If you are an NAIA level athlete, don’t go to big D1 schools hoping to be recruited. Most coaches do not go to camps to discover new talent but simply to evaluate recruits already on their list. So, before you attend a showcase make sure you let coaches know you will be attending. This way, if they decide to attend the event, they know to look for you.

Another thing to do before you go to these camps is to send coaches your resume’. This should include your stats, GPA, ACT/SAT score, and a professionally produced highlight video. Also on your resume’ you should include a personal picture of yourself. This picture should be a close up picture of you where the coach can tell what you look like. This picture should also be up to date (if you have changed your hairstyle, color etc. get a new picture). All this does is get the coaches familiar with you before they see you at a showcase or camp.

If a college coach talked to you or your parents at the camp, make sure to thank them and send them a follow up email 24 hours within the camp. Make sure you express to them how serious you are about playing at the next level. If you go to a camp and don’t get recruited, don’t give up. A lot of star athletes were under the radar and hardly recruited out of high school. Keep working hard, keep ypur grades up, and keep contacting coaches!

More information: http://usatodayhss.com/2017/recruiting-column-how-to-maximize-your-exposure-at-camps-and-showcases

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