Time Management Tips for Student-Athletes

Student-Athletes in high school today have to balance school, sports, home life, and sometimes work. This can take a toll on their health and using their time efficiently. These are some tips that may help you in better using your time. Not every tip will work for each student-athlete you just have to decide what works best for you. 

Here are some tips that can help you on using your time more efficiently by balancing what you have going on. 

  • Start off with listing the goals you want and need to achieve. This helps       you in knowing what you want to achieve, and will help keep you pushing forward in achieving them.
  • After you list your goals you need to make a list of priorities. Listing your priorities will help you in knowing what is the most important to help you stay on the path of completion.
  • As you’re are working towards completing your goals, sometimes it may become difficult and you may want to stop or stray away. This is where having someone there to hold you accountable is important. Having a person or group of people who hold you accountable, motivate you, and keep you on track will help encourage you to continue to work hard and complete your goals. 
  • Taking care of yourself is important so that you put your best self forward in working to achieve your goals. By eating right and getting enough sleep you are putting yourself in the best position to succeed. 
  • At the end of the day as you use these tips, the biggest motivator you may need is remembering exactly why you are working towards these goals. These daily/weekly reminders will help you to continue to work in achieving your goals and using your time efficiently. 

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