Learn to learn and not just for your GPA:

In high school the concern is around your GPA, it is a topic that seems to get all of the attention. It is easy to get wrapped up into, “I need to get my GPA up for my future.” It is important to learn and enjoy learning because when you get to college you choose your schedule and degree. It is much easier to learn when you enjoy the things you are learning, and it is good to practice this in high school.

Find your Passion:

It is important to have goals in mind. High school is a time where you can find the things you enjoy in school and the things you do not enjoy. In high school it’s hard to know the ultimate path you want to take but some things should become clear to you. When looking at a sports career it should be made prominent which sport should be pursued based off of skill level. The same can be said with academics and it is important to find your passion or at least start to figure it out.

Work on Time Management:

Time management is a useful tool that will help in any aspect of your future. In high school balancing sports, schoolwork, and a social life is tough to do, but this is the first time we encounter the importance of time management. When in college, it is even more challenging to balance everything and manage your time. It is an important skill to learn and use, and it will pay off in the long run if you can master it.