Tips for Volleyball High School Athletes

It is now September and students are back in school. For students that play sports like volleyball, the start of another academic year means the struggle of maintaining grades while improving performance on the court. The balance of education and sports can be very challenging, especially in high school, but is achievable. With weekly practices and games, it can be difficult to find time for schoolwork. Here are some tips for high school volleyball players this season:

A successful school-to-sports ratio requires excellent time management and weekly planning. Taking advantage of free time for studying and planning assignments or study times in advance are two great strategies in making sure grades and educational performance do not fall. While extracurricular activities are significant and fun, they can easily take up your time, leaving grades to plummet. Since volleyball players will often travel for games, planning time for studying during traveling is essential. While traveling on the road, use time wisely by studying or during down time between games, try to complete any homework assigned. Managing every minute while traveling will be extremely beneficial to your education.

There are numerous benefits to playing volleyball while in high school including physical health improvement, building teamwork, and accountability skills. While education should be a primary focus for students, physical performance on the court is vital as well. Time management is also important when it comes to setting aside time for practicing certain moves and maintaining shape. Volleyball positions like setting and serving can be easily practiced in a backyard without a ball. Agility is essential when playing volleyball since the game is all about being faster than the speed of the ball. Planning time to improve agility and certain movements will guarantee success on the court this season.

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