1.  As well as a well-rounded teammate, it makes you a well-rounded person. Taking on different roles on different teams, having different responsibilities is a healthy option socially and developmentally, rather than going through the same motions and roles in one sport over and over. It’s a great way to become more flexible and multi-dimensional as an athlete and an intellectual.

2. Less likely to over-use the same muscles. If you’ve been playing baseball since you were a kid and only baseball, by the time you are in high school you are very likely to have to get tommy john surgery due to over use of your arm, year-after-year. Confining yourself to one sport is dangerous and could lead to muscle damage, playing multiple sports promotes a versatile set of skills, refreshed muscles and increased athleticism.

3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You will have a better chance of getting recruited if you’re playing another sport, In fact you’ll have double the chances. College coaches like to see athletes competing in multiple sports to show off their athleticism. Coaches also want to multi-sport athletes in hopes that they can recruit them and allow them to play both sports at their university.

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