How often do you hear a coach or a scout say they are coming to watch one of your games?

Rarely, right? Most coaches and scouts watch highlight videos to make a choice on which high school athletes will get a scholarship offer to play at the next level. They watch highlight videos for a variety of reasons – from not having the time or budget to travel to being able to watch video over and over so they can determine what a player has to offer their program. Depending on the sport, coaches are looking for very specific skills and abilities. From hand-eye coordination, reaction time, fundamentals and sixth sense about how the game is played. Additionally, they want to know that the recruit they are going to offer a scholarship to is not just a good athlete, but a solid citizen. So, having a good GPA, being involved in extra curricular activities and staying out of trouble are essential attributes coaches desire. We help student athletes create highlight videos that help them play at the next level and believe if you don’t try, you’ll never know if you live the dream. Get reel. Get Recruited.