Title 9 is a federal law and was enacted in 1979. The law prohibits the discrimination of any education program or activity receiving any type of federal funding. What Title 9 did for female athletes is that it literally created hundreds of thousands of additional opportunities for female athletes to play their sport at the secondary and collegiate level.

Recently a Texas transgendered wrestler won a girls high school wrestling championship. Yes, a young woman who identifies as a male and is taking testosterone—entered and won the wrestling tournament championship at the 110 lb weight class—defeating several hard working, dedicated and determined female wrestlers in the process. There’s no doubt this one instance will open the floodgates to many more transgendered athletes competing against female athletes in all of the 23 NCAA sanctioned sports and in all 50 states. How will this affect female athletes that have earned their position on a team? How will this affect testosterone testing for all athletes? Will Title 9 become obsolete if male athletes that identify as female athletes or female athletes that identify as males, begin competing against female athletes?


This is happening in the professional ranks as well. Fallon Fox, a transgender Mixed Martial Artist came under strong criticism by some because Fox fights as a female cage fighter. When Fox broke the facial bones of a female competitor, many began questioning of this is the right thing to do. Some of the strongest criticism came from long time commentator and amateur mixed martial artist, Joe Rogan, when he declared that Fox was actually a man. Please view the link below with discretion because it includes strong language.


Our concern at Recruit Reels is that the justice Title 9 delivered to female athletes that previously had little or no options of playing their sport of choice at the collegiate level will be done away with due to transgendered athletes competing against females for positions on teams. That is, if a flood of male athletes that identify as female athletes want to be on the girls high school or college team, what or who can stop them? This is not fair to the female soccer players, volleyball players, softball players, lacrosse players, etc., that have been given the opportunity to play their sport due to Title 9.

We fully support Title 9 and believe transgendered athletes should not be allowed to compete as or against female athletes. Why? The high school wrestler and professional mixed martial artist mentioned above prove the point that many make—male athletes have certain physiological advantages over female athletes. From larger and thicker bones to bigger joints, hands and feet to different chemistry, males athletes tend to run faster, hit harder and exhibit more strength. We want both genders to enjoy their selected sports on an “even playing field”. That’s why every sport has rules, boundary lines and a play clock—everyone abides by the same restrictions.

Just like we test for steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, we don’t think some athletes should be able to gain an unfair advantage over others. If this happens, it seems to no longer be a sport, but simply an ego trip focused on collecting awards, trophies and pay days.