It’s no secret that a highlight/skills video is vital to the college recruiting process. But your highlight video is only as good as your footage. As a parent of a student-athlete, your footage doesn’t have to be professional quality, but it needs to meet some basic criteria. Here are some tips to help you capture the perfect shot for your highlight/skills video.

Talk to your coach about team video.

Before you invest in video equipment for the season, ask your coach if he or she will be procuring team video during the games and even practices. Ask about the quality and availability of this footage. Your team may have the footage you need for your highlight video. If you determine that your team will not have the adequate video for your needs, you may need to take on some of the videography tasks yourself.

Get a good angle.

Every sport has a video sweet spot. This spot also depends on your player’s position on the court or field. As a general rule, it’s best to be set up in the middle of the playing area at a point higher than ground level. Talk to your player’s coach about where you should sit/stand during the game if you’re not sure.

Avoid the zoom.

Coaches and recruiters want to see your player’s reaction within the context of the whole game. Don’t zoom too far in on your player while cutting out other important action. Just make sure you’re close enough to the action to clearly identify your player in the video. Follow the play of the game and avoid any fast, shaky movements. A tripod is a good investment for this type of videography. It will immediately improve the quality of your footage.


Shooting video takes a lot of patience and practice. Try out your equipment before the big games and work on getting the kind of footage you need. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but quality footage can go a long way when it comes to recruitment.

After getting enough footage, contact us to learn more about our highlight video services. We can take your highlight footage and create a video that can help your athlete get recruited!

The Alternative.

Many of our clients first attempted to shoot or procure their own footage but were disappointed with the quality or poor delivery. Because you sometimes only have one opportunity to capture the plays that may persuade a coach to offer your child a scholarship, you may want to go ahead and hire us to shoot your footage—we’re good either way.

BTW, College Tuition is Expensive.

With college tuition continuing to rise—$50K+ over 4 years is what the average family pays to send their student to state/public college—getting part or all of your tuition paid for through an athletic scholarship is wise investment. Contact us today to get started!